Save NY Film & TV Nexo Group

I have been wanting to explore Nexo, and now have the perfect reason to do so -- thanks to Derek Yip.  Derek's started a "Save NY Film & TV" social network on Nexo.  To join, go here:
This group was established to be a resource for updates on the latest developments and organizational efforts to save the production tax incentives for motion picture industry in New York State and New York City. Now that we understand how vital the incentives are to our livelihood, hopefully this group can be a unified front to call for transparency and accountability in the incentive programs and to further educate ourselves about them.

01. Although not mandatory, we hope all new members will briefly introduce themselves. This is so we can understand what kind of a stake you have in the future of New York's economy.

02. Posts here should be on the topic of the New York production incentives and how it relates to New York's economy. Although it's fine to reference your projects in relation to this, please refrain from blatant promotion of your projects, your company, job offers, job requests, or links to such. Links to articles covering the latest news on the production incentives are encouraged.

03. Lively discussion and intelligent debate is welcome, but please refrain from ad hominem attacks. Please carefully proof and re-read what you are about to send before posting out to the group.

04. If you haven't done so, you are encouraged to go to the following link and sign:

05. Write and mail letters to your elected officials for an additional impact:

• Download a template for your letter:

• Write to Governor Paterson:

• Write to your Assemblyperson:

• Write to your Senator: