Christine Vachon on the State Of The Indie Film Union

Okay, so the traffic is sometimes louder than the dialogue, but hey, this is Indie!  I had wanted to partake in this interview that David Poland did at TIFF this year.  There was only one hour when Christine and I were both in Toronto though, and it took a bit longer to close the SUPER deal than I had anticipated.  Christine and David paint a pretty good picture of what things are like for  indie producers these days.

9/21 Update:  Seems like the link I found for this kind of jumped the gun.  It came down as I was watching it.  I assume David Poland will post soon on the MCN website.  And hopefully the video will work again.  Hope hoping here...

Update 9/21 #2: It's up on MCN, but I can't embed it for some reason

Mandatory Viewing: David Poland's State Of The Union

David Poland's has long been on a mission to demystify the film business for the rest of us, and he does a great job at it. His columns frequently are filled with crucial nuggets of knowledge. Now he's done a 30 part series on the State Of The Union (of the film biz). If the rest is as as good as episode one with Bill Mechanic, all of you will soon have a much better handle on the business. Thanks David!