Remembering Harvey Pekar

Comic Book Resources has a good post on the NY Comic Con event on American Splendor's creator Harvey Pekar. Harvey has been an inspiration for so many people, myself included. Dean Haspiel shared a litte bit more on how our movie came together, and how he introduced me to Harvey.

"I was working as an assistant to [producer] Ted Hope," Haspiel said. "One of my jobs was to pay bills and file things. I came across an 'American Splendor' film script. Rob Schneider was slated to play Pekar, but that didn't happen. I also came across a Chester Brown screenplay. I discovered a bunch of comics and that [Hope] was a fan. I had done two or three one-page stories with Harvey and I felt like I could ask Ted Hope if he was interested in an 'American Splendor' movie. He said 'Sure!' I called up Harvey, and he didn't know who this guy was and what his movies were. He said, 'Sure, have him call me.' A year and a half later was this amazing, Sundance Award-winning movie."

Give the whole post a read.

The Path To American Splendor

Dean Haspiel had Harvey Pekar's wife Joyce Brabner call me. Having long wanted to make a film of Harvey and American Splendor, I optioned the material on the phone. It wasn't so easy for Dean who struggled to get Harvey to let him work for him, and then got in a fight with Harvey when he finally called. Classic Harvey. Check out the video here.

What is SUPER? James Gunn speaks

Earlier this week, our directed posted from his blog his description of what our film is:

“Yes, I know, there have been other films that are superficially the same as ours, movies about real people becoming superheroes – including some very good ones. But ours is the first that, although funny, focuses first and foremost on the emotions of the characters involved. It is a dark, gritty, violent, no-hold-barred independent film that is, I promise you, not at all what you expect.”

Check it out.  James throws in some photos of his girlfriend for good measure.