Classic Comedy #2: The Eating Machine

Not eating your vegetables?  Not a member of The Clean Plate Club yet?  Better hope the parents don't pull a page out of the Modern Times guide.

Charlie Chaplin was the first true king of comedy on film.  Sure his movies are silent, but all you need to do is watch in order to laugh until your sides hurt.
In this clip, The Little Tramp has gotten a job at a new factory, which for then was the height of modernity.  For some reason, those in power always want to find ways to be more efficient, particularly when it comes to others.  They pick Charlie to test out their latest idea...
Unfortunately I couldn't find a clip that wasn't messed with, so you must endure the Blue Danube Waltz as the slapped on score here...  To get the true pleasure, go back to the original and watch MODERN TIMES (recommended viewing).