Be Among The First To See Sean Baker's STARLET

Yes, it's true: STARLET premiered in the USA in competition at SXSW (where it won Best Actor) , and just recently made it's international debut in competition at Locarno (where it won the Junior Jury Award), quickly followed by Oldenburg (Germany).  And it's been getting great reviews.  Music Box is set to release in the States late fall or early winter, and we have a whole long list of places you may be able to catch Starlet first.  In fact there are six more prestigious fests that are to screen it that I could not list because they have yet to announce their line-ups.   But check out all the places you can see it first:

Upcoming festival screenings for STARLET:

• Vancouver (Canada)
Section: Cinema of Our Time 
Attending: Sean
Sept. 29th: 6:15pm
Sept. 30th: 10:30am

• Reykjavik (Iceland)
Section: Main Competition
Attending: Radium
Oct 1st: 2pm
Oct 2nd: 8pm
Oct 3rd: 10pm
• Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Sept. 27-Oct. 11
Screening dates tbd

• BFI London (UK)
Section: Love
Attending: Sean
Oct 12th: 8:45pm
Oct 14th: 6pm
Oct 16th: 9pm
• Hamptons (NY)
Section: World Cinema
Oct. 6th: 5pm
Oct. 7th: 10:15pm
Attending: Kevin, Francesca, Dree, Allan, Radium, Chris Bergoch, Blake (tbd), Sean (tbd)
• Woodstock (NY)
Section: Narrative Features
Oct. 12th: 2pm
Oct. 14th: 3:45pm
Attending: Blake, Chris Bergoch, Shih-Ching (tbd), Radium (tbd)
• Hawaii 
Section: New American Filmmakers
Oct. 16th: 6:45pm
Oct. 20th: 1:15pm
Attending: Radium
• Mill Valley (CA)
Section: US Cinema
Oct. 4th: 9:45pm
Oct. 6th: 10pm
• Chicago (IL)
Section: World Cinema
Oct. 13th: 4:15pm
Oct. 20th: 9:30pm
Attending: tbd
You will be able to check it out soon, and I hope you do.  I had the good fortune of being able to lend a hand in getting it done, and have an Executive Producer credit as a result.