Hope For The Future pt. 5: The List #'s 18 -21

18.A feature film is no longer defined as a singular linear narrative told in under two hours. Filmmakers are recognizing the need to extend the filmic world beyond the traditional confines. Whether this is in Judd Apatow’s YouTube shorts for KNOCKED UP or in Wes Anderson’s prologue short for THE DARJEELING EXPRESS, the beginning of new models have emerged helping filmmakers continue the conversation forward with their audiences.

19.New models for production are being utilized. The most widely noted in this regard is “crowdsourced” work. Massify has recently brought together the horror film Perkins 14. This year brought us Matt Hanson’s and A Swarm Of Angels open sourced / free culture start-up THE UNFOLD; the trailer is mysterious (see below) and I am looking forward to the feature. These massive collaborative works are the ultimate union between audience and creator.

20. Grassroots has come to distribution. The Living Room Theater model advanced by Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Theaters empowers audience members and filmmakers alike bringing them together and invested in each others success. Filmmakers give the audience more power and control, and audiences recognize that they have to fight to preserve the culture they want. The Micro Cinema Movement's been at it longer and is still going strong.

21. The independent art house theaters are organizing. Sundance is hosting the first Art House Convergence this year prior to the festival, helping to build the knowledge base of these theaters and enhance their collaboration. This platform will be key to preserving the theaterical experience for films outside the domain of the major media corporations.

Worlds Will Shatter - The Unfold (A Swarm Of Angels) trailer

Tools: Brave New Theaters

Maybe I am a little late to the game, but thanks to a tip from Zac Forsman, I finally caught up with some of the latest work coming from the Brave New Films revolutionary force.  What a great tool.  As the Brave New Foundation website states:

Brave New Theaters is a website that brings together a global network of screening hosts and filmmakers by providing services to both so they can reach more people. The site will emphasize films with a political message.Filmmakers think their job is to make the film and then someone else will distribute it for them. They dream they will go to Sundance, sign with the Weinstein brothers and win an Oscar. Eventually reality sets in and they realize that if anyone is going to see their film, it's up to them to make it happen. Brave New Theaters will help these filmmakers reach a diverse audience using the distribution methods that have made the documentaries of Brave New Films a success.