Someone's Already Explained It All For You

I meet with filmmakers and film executives on a daily basis.  And I am consistently reminded what an absolute bunch of luddites we all are.  Seriously.  We will be unable to move forward towards a Truly Free Film culture until people commit to using the tools available to us to have a better life.

I am heartened by the election which, among other things, demonstrated that the pain of the present was greater than our fear of the future.  Now hopefully our community will follow suit and admit the same.  Towards that end I think we need to organize free seminars that explain the basic tools and how to use them.  I have been preparing an outline for such a seminar which I will soon share with you for input.  The problem is of course how to bring these seminars directly to the people who need them.
Beth Kanter at Beth's Blog did a lot of the work for you already.  This is a great link (with videos and other links) that lays out the basics: blogs, Technocrati, RSS feeds, tags, Flickr, video sharing, Wiki, widgets, Creative Commons & copyright, mashup, social networking, Twitter, and Second Life.  Whew!  Things change fast and some of this is already dated, but then again this post was already out of date by the time I posted it.