In A World Of My Own Design, Buskers Would Be Superstars

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of this video from a friend's Facebook posting. I wrote about this video awhile back; the video successfully went viral (14.5M views!) and I love how social media keeps the good things coming back.

In a world of my own design Buskers would be Superstars. Along with: Pranksters, Benevolent Conspirators, Babysitters, Curators, Public Artists, Teachers, Puppeteers, Community Organizers, and Stop Motion Animators. One day, one day....

I really appreciate how that friend's FB posting lead me on a tour through several covers of "Stand By Me". I didn't discover this song via Ben E. King, which will always be my definitive version. But it was John Lennon -- who still has taught me more through his music than any other pop star. And will always rank as one of the great rock vocalists in my book. But I am sucker for this tune when anyone sings it. I have posted it other incarnations, and suspect I will well into the future.

Playing For Change

"Playing For Change" combines three of my fave things in one nice package.

I have always wanted to see the definitive busker documentary.  Every time I encounter one in a subway station, my spirits are lifted.  I would time my trips and pick my destinations if I knew when I could find who performing where.  It's a good day when I encounter two good acts in the same day. Every once and awhile I wonder what's stopping this doc from getting made.
Definitely one of the most watched and loved videos of the year was "Where The Hell Is Matt?".  Beyond the silly dancing and great locations, I like the inherent message that the "Where The Hell Is Matt?" structure gives in terms of a one world connectivity.
"Stand By Me" has always been one of my favorite songs.  For me it was first delivered by John Lennon on his "Rock & Roll" album and that led me to Ben E. King's sweet sweet voice.  If I wasn't thankful enough for John already, that upped the ante.  
This trinity joins together in "Playing For Change".  I really enjoy the voices as well as the video as much as the song here.
The feature doc is much more than this song and features a great number of performers throughout the world.  I look forward to seeing it.  You can learn more about it on the link at the top of this entry.