What Defines An Event? 10 Thoughts On Transforming Small to LARGE

Hollywood will survive because of its ability to develop, produce, market, and distribute "Event" pictures. Whereas Hollywood's Event Pictures are defined as being designed for general audiences, Truly Free Film can have its own event pictures too by focusing on specific audiences and understanding what it is that will drive people out of their house to do something in conjunction with others. So what are those qualities of "event"?

  1. A conversation that inevitably will continue after the screening is over. It is an event if you are compelled to discuss it afterwards. Is that a memorable scene? A relationship to the world we live in? Truth? Understanding? Passion? Beauty? Transcendence? What? What is the return the audience gets on their 90 minute investment? It's the after-effect, the conversation.
  2. Content whose impact is enhanced by timely consumption. The audience recognizes that their social and intellectual capital will increase by having been among those whom participated -- and thus are compelled to attend.
  3. A once in a blue moon opportunity. It expires, is used up, & is gone gone gone. If you don't go, you will never get this chance again. It is dated and defined by that date.
  4. There are many pieces that fit together into something much much larger. Maybe it is part of a series or a sequence. Maybe it is the fact that the screening is only part of a bigger activity.
  5. The awareness that a lot of people will be participating somehow. The larger the audience the more it is an event. The wider the audience the more it is an event. The more an audience is spread out, the more it is an event.
  6. The memory, the understanding, and/or the appreciation of the participation changes as time passes. Events aren't static. They grow and transform.
  7. Events have a material aspect to them. We take events home with us somehow, but generally via the merchandise that we barter for with our dollars.
  8. People you will never know are talking about it. When the Velvet Underground or The Sex Pistols first played they were events, perhaps not so much in the moment, but certainly in terms of how they were discussed long afterwards. It is partially the knowledge that we have that others are talking about what we participated in that defines an experience as an event.
  9. Anticipation. What makes us think about doing things in advance? How often do we need to be reminded that something is happening here?
  10. Commitment. If we commit to participating in something, it's importance grows tenfold. If we, by either our own volition, or the badgering or heckering of our friends and acquientances, commit to something, it becomes the event of the moment.
I am up at the Sundance Film Festival now, where every screening feels like an event. People wonder why certain films can pack the house at a festival but no one shows up when booked for an actual run. The context of a festival creates the urgency. Yet even still here, you feel that not enough is done by just putting it up on the screen. Filmmakers need to focus more on the context they create around the film. In this day and age it is irresponsible to simply screen your film. You need to build ramps up to the event, and bridges after the screening -- tools & processes that keep the conversation going. It is surprising how few examples there are of folks who are doing it well.
For me, right now, being here in Park City, perhaps the most perfect practice of this is Banksy and his film Exit Through The Gift Shop. The mystique and craft and philosophy of the street art and artist leads me to the movie and keeps me wanting to see the film even though my schedule does not yet permit.

Banksy In NYC

Be sure to visit the "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grille".  UK Street Artist Banksy delivers us his first authorized show this month.  It can be found on Seventh Ave (aka Varick) just north of Bleeker on the east side of the street.

Lots of caged sausages and a monkey going human join a family of closed circuit cameras and a dolled up bunny, not to mention some cute McNuggets and Swimming Fish Sticks.  Banksy's anti-consumer humanist humor is not lost on our son who ranks the phantom artist at the top of his list.  Is Banksy the next Pokemon?

We suggest you take advantage of "no school" today and tomorrow and go by when the Pet Store opens at 10A. You will miss the crowds that way. Or since it's open until midnight, maybe you can stay up past your bedtime and wander in late.

Don't you just love New York?!!

The Most Famous Anonymous Artist Ever

Banksy maybe becoming a bit ubiquitous (okay say that ten-times-fast), but I definitely think he makes the world a better place. (See early post here).

WebUrbanist meanwhile keeps doing damn good curating on a daily basis.  They are definitely on my list: One-Hundred-Blogs-You-Must-Subscribe-To-Before-You-Die-List.  If I was president I would add two hours to each day just so I could surf through their site.  Yesterday they started an eight part series dedicated to the unknown man.  So if you were wondering, that's why I was in such a smiley mood.

Today (07.22.08) WebUrbanist posted part two on the stencils of Banksy.

Leave It To Banksy

Cannes has been too expensive for me to attend the last couple of years.  And it is really elitist, isn't it? 

Leave it to Banksy to solve all those problems.  Welcome to The Cans Festival. Well, London is still pricey, but... YouTube is still free (tip from Bryan B.)
The Banksy book "Wall And Piece" has been a popular one in our house.  My son spotted some wild-posting for a recent show of Banksy's on the day it opened and not only got us there ahead of the swarm but proceeded to pontificate to all attendees on the quality and political ramifications of his various pranks.  Not bad for someone barely over 4 feet tall.  Banksy's done more to keep politics and resistance fun and accessible than anyone since The Clash.