The Battle Is On: AppleTV vs. GoogleTV

Apple is going to go head to head with Google over control over web content on people's television.  A major revamp of AppleTV is headed our way to compete with Google's new set top box & interface.  Either way, indies will soon have  new worlds available to conquer.  It's going to be a whole lot easier to get your work positioned to be seen in the comfort of someone's home. Fast Company reports on many of Apple's revamps benefits, from a low $99 price to cloud computing storage (so you can watch anything instantly without having to prerecord).

Who Can Really Help Indie Film?

There are a lot of people who in a position to improve our culture -- if they want to.  If they don't, does it mean they really want us to suffer?  And if they want us to suffer, does that make them our enemy?  And if they are our enemy, how are we supposed to respond to them.  Well, that's all something to discuss, but for now I was just more interested in who can be indie film's savior.  

Why don't more people do more things to make this world a better place?  If you ask me, they could even do well while they are doing good -- or in other words, I bet it would be profitable if they put a little more effort into making sure we saw the best work in the best, most convenient manner possible.  Maybe if we talk about them, we can motivate them to act.
I hope to make this a regular feature at TFF and would love your suggestion on whom, with a little effort, could make a big difference to us all.  Let me know your thoughts on this.
Today's suggestion is the unknown editors who pick what is featured on the iTunes store home pages.  They wield tremendous power.  Just by featuring a short film, app, or film prominently they influence purchasing habits in a very big way.  Check out this article that I was tipped to by Variety's Anne Thompson.  It pretty much says it all.  Unfortunately, we don't know their names so for now they are but gods who names we can not speak.  Yet imagine if they took initiative to save indie film.  Think of the good will they would have in the community.  Wouldn't it entice more filmmakers to want to work with them?  How sweet would that be for everyone, eh?