Make Your Life A Little Better in 2010

Maybe I am easily satisfied, but I have to say it brightens my mornings to find the various email blasts I subscribe to sitting in my InBox each day. Sure there are the usual ones, like the NYTimes headlines and the various film industry trades, like Variety and HollywoodRptr, but the other services of a much indiosyncractic nature are a real pick me up. You might want consider giving permission to a few of these folks to clog your box too.

Word Of The Day: There are four that I subscribe to and I would gladly add four more. I suppose I get my most pleasure from Wordsmith as they provide the most extensive over view of the choices. & Merriam-Webster are also fun, but MW is bit too commonplace in their selection though (don't they know it's more fun to learn new words than remember some for the crossword puzzles?). And then there is the Urban Dictionary for slang kicks and litmus of your hip factor.
WebUrbanist - billing it self as "Alternative Art, Dynamic Design, Visual Culture & More", WebUrbanist is incredibly well curated site.
Listverse - The diversity of their lists is outstanding. The research and curating is great. Subscribing to their email list will help you come up with several new film ideas this year and certainly increase your base of fun odd knowledge. Bone up on it before the next party, and you won't run out of anything to say!
Viral Video Chart: what useless things are popular on the interwebs? Nothing defines a culture more than what it likes to watch for free. Each week a new peak into the mindscape of our world.
Alternet Top Stories: a survey of alternative news services, delivering a "best of the week"
The Cool Hunter - okay, if you ask me anything with "cool" in its title can't be, all irony aside. Still though, I am sucker for stuff that seeks to push the design envelope. I love to look even when I might be hesitant to touch. These folks do a pretty swell job at sourcing the forward looking spectrum.
VeryShortList - this tip sheet seemed less about the sell before NewYorkObserver, but it still sources a good number of worthy discoveries.
I would still like to find some new tip sheets though. Music? Comics? Art? Crafty? Philosophy?