More Good Things In Film 2012

I wrote a list.  I checked it twice.  I wrote one naughty.  I wrote one nice.  But dang it, I just could not get it all done in a single sitting, now could I?   So here I go, singing low.  Swing on sweet chariot...  Carry me home. There's more good in this world than I can see in a single glance.  I have six more reasons I found to celebrate (bringing us up to 22); maybe you can add further to the list?

  1. Megan Ellison.  I don't know this savior to our world, but I thank her.  She makes complicated movies with ambition and no easy answers.  I have no idea about whom she is as a person, but in terms of the work she has made, she is one without fear.  She is steel in a world of noodles; everyone else bends but she is the structural support that allows giants to reach even higher.  She made THE MASTER and that alone is enough in my book.  A year that holds that film is a blessed one, but to add on another bit of truly impressive work, ZERO DARK THIRTY,  wow!  That's nothing short of astounding.  But then she's also distributing Harmony Korine and Wong Kar Wai.  Film lovers should all be asking "How do we make sure she is here to stay?  What can we do to support her?".  It's awesome she's in our world; or that we are in hers .
  2. Technology keeps advancing, and with it so do our tools.  Each day shows me a new say to distribute films.  Each day introduces me to a new way to try to organize my life.  We can make our films more better in more ways than ever before.
  3. Successful people left producing or executive producing and chose to focus on building a better world for all of us.  Okay, so Keri Putnam  and Joana Vicente have both been in their jobs for over two years, but they were my inspiration to have the courage to quit the project focus and put on a wide angle lens.
  4. 2012 Was The Year Of The Entire Film In Just One Link (aka The Time We Stopped Sending DVDS All Around).  Filmmakers reduced sending DVDs around and instead started sharing links.  This saves everyone money, and seems to reduce unauthorized duplication.  And it's easy.  And about time.  Glad it caught on.
  5. The JOBS Creation Act was extended in the "Fiscal Cliff" Deal. Section 181 survives!
  6. It is The Era Of The $100M "Indie" (not so sure I think this is a good thing, but I love that directors are getting bucket loads to pursue wild visions) -- and granted this is close to my note on list #1 "Hollywood is taking more creative risks", but here I am speaking of the projects that are more fully artist controlled. (note: this was pointed out to me via Adam Leipzig here).
  7. Films made with ambition, vision, and not focused on the market not only deliver green but garner accolades galore.  BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD got four Oscar Nominations.
  8. Films do not get penalized for making the world a better place, but actually praised and awarded.  Two days before THE INVISIBLE WAR got nominated for a Best Documentary Academy Award, Congress announced it would hold hearings on sexual abuse in the military.

But if you don't want to be so happy or comfortable in the way things are...  if you want to have an equal balance of the dark side of reality...  Don't forget all that is still wrong with the film biz, and read this.  Otherwise, sit back, be happy, and recognize: it does get better.