Blue Potato -- Things to Think About Before Production

By Kavita Pullapilly 
As most producers know, the battle is won in pre-production.  If you can't succeed in pre-production, you're better off not going into production.  There are lists upon lists of everything that needs to fall into place to seamlessly deliver all the logistics, people and resources that will result in the creative vision of your film.

However, for the directors and producers of BLUE POTATO, they didn't just stop there.  During pre-production, award-winning filmmakers Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly along with producer Kavita Pullapilly knew that they had to think about the business behind the film and how it would perform in the marketplace.  With this in mind, they sought to develop a financial strategy for their film that would greatly increase its appeal to investors and distributors.

"First, you have to understand the value of your film.  Second is knowing what your best case, most likely and worst case scenarios will be.  When you value your film, you have to look at it like any other product in the marketplace.  That's hard for a lot of filmmakers to hear, or to even look at their film objectively, but its critical to its success.  Let's boil it down to the basics.  When you build a home to sell, you wouldn't build a $5million dollar home in a neighborhood in which every other house is selling for $200k," said co-producer Kavita Pullapilly.

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Kavita Pullapilly serves as the chief operating officer for the award-winning film production company, Sunny Side Up Films, Inc. and oversees the finance, marketing and distribution divisions.  She is currently co-producing Sunny Side Up Films' second feature film, Blue Potato as well as co-producing a national multi-platform project for PBS called Lifecasters.