We Are All Sheep In An Empty Field. In 2013 Let's Be Shepherds Instead

We sent this as our staff card at The San Francisco Film Society. I sent it out to some groups with the same heading that I titled this post. I want you all to have it to.

I got back some funny comments though: "Does that mean we need to pick up the droppings? I like the idea of being a sheep — grazing in the pasture seems restful and serene — a Zen way of life." "Did you drop some acid in Haight Ashberry?" "I disagree. We are the wolves, and it's up to us to be benevolent and guard the sheep from the lions, as well as not to eat the sheep ourselves. The shepherds have abandoned us, and we can make that ok."

Any way, best wishes for a better world in 2013. Let's get some good stuff done. Thanks for all you contributed this year.

On some of the cards I sent out, I remembered to include this note too:

I don't know if you heard, but I have relocated to become the Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society.  Here's why   TThe SFFS has given filmmakers close to $2M over the last few years, provides media education to over 10,000 youths each year, and also runs the San Francisco International Film Festival, the longest running film festival in America.  I sincerely believe we are in danger of losing the culture I love: good films don't get seen, filmmakers are not rewarded fairly for their work, & it is increasingly difficult to sustain a career around ambitious creativity.  I plan to do all I can to fix that, but it requires I not focus on project-based producing for the time being unfortunately.  If you want to help build a new future now, consider this.