Wanted Experts & Experienced Filmmakers To Help The Community

I was thinking about all the things that must be freaking out the filmmakers headed to their first film festival.  I feel them  It's wonderful to get into a film festival, but what happens next can be panic inducing.  I was thinking about how I could help the fortunate & the cursed.  

I have collected a bunch of posts from the past that may help some, and will run them shortly; I am currently thinking Dec. 27th.  

But so many more posts on prepping for festivals and one's career are needed.  Perhaps you know someone who'd write one for us.  Below are a few topics for suggestions.  Let me know what else we should ask for.  Would you write one?  Do you know someone that could?  Why not send them this list?  I will post what is available (and provided it is community-focused).

Audience Aggregation:

  • "How To Leave A Festival With As Many Fans As Possible"
  • "Best Practices For A Long Term Strategy Towards Building An Audience"
  • "How You Can Benefit From Free Non-monetized Content"

Career & Sustainibilty:

  • "How To Use A Festival As A Foundation For The Rest Of Your Life"
  • "An Agent Wants To Sign Me.  What Do I Do?"
  • "Do I Need A Manager Too?"
  • "How Do I Connect The Dots For Financiers Between This Movie & That One Still To Come?"


  • "Build Your Filmmaker Support Group; You Don't Have To Be Alone."
  • "Transparency 101: What Should You Share?"
  • What Should You Give Back?"


  • "If You Sell Your Film, What Are You Going To Have To Deliver?"


  • "Am I Ready For The Festival To Be My Distribution Launch?"
  • "What Can The Distributor Do That I Can Not Do Myself?"
  • "Can Long-term All Media,Territorial Liscensing Survive?"

Festival Strategy:

  • "What's Next?  Where Do You Play After Your Premiere?"
  • "Who Do You Want To Meet At A Festival & Why?"
  • "Why Shouldn't I Use The Festival To Launch My Distro?


  • "Additional Content: What Do You Need & How Can You Use It?"
  • "How Do You Speak About Your Film? Different Themes For Different Audiences"
  • "Poster Design 101"
  • "Trailer Cutting 101"
  • "What Stills Are The Best Stills?"


  • "What Makes For Good Press Notes"
  • "How To Write A Director's Statement"
  • "How To Find The HOOK Of Your Film"
  • "How To Give Good Interview"


  • "What Questions Do You Ask A Potential Buyer For Your Film"
  • "What If No One Wants To License Your Film?"