Me, My Movies, & Some Of My Thoughts

Friends of mine are throwing a little party this evening to welcome me to San Francisco and introduce me around to some folks who can help initiate the vast amount of changes that need to occur to help ambitious & diverse cinema remain a sustainable and impactful art form and enterprise.  

How great is that?  Finding collaborators and supporters to help accomplish all I want at the San Francisco Film Society is the first step towards building solutions.  They wanted to show a montage of my work.  One hasn't been done since 2009, and I could use an update for sure, but still, this one, does by Filmmakers Alliance in LA, still sings pretty well.

Thanks Jacques!

We've subsequently done a non-interview edit, added in Dark Horse, MMMM, and Super, while removing some older titles.  I look forward to one day having a totally fresh reel with different clips though....