Do We Know What We Learned From Our Film Experiences?

I have been doing a fair amount of interviewing lately.  I need to staff up as part of my new mission.  Team building is an art, but it's been awhile since I had to put one together that would last.  It's a bit different when you staff up for a film.  Sure a feature is a long distance run, but it is not a marathon.  I would like to find the folks I will be with for a very long time in San Francisco.  Luckily for me, there is a pretty great group already in place, but there are still some vacancies.

Interviews have become a sort of standard fodder for humor in film.  Perhaps that is a legacy from TRAINSPOTTING...  As a result every time I ask one of those standard issue questions I feel like I am mocking myself.  Still though they are useful.  But the real hypocrisy is that I probably can not answer them myself.  I do think each movie I have made so far has changed me, but I am not sure if I can name how.

It strikes me that we would all be better filmmakers if we tried to name what we learned from each of our movies.  There are definitely some lessons that rise above the others, but I am not sure I have dug down deep enough with each film.  I think it is time I looked a little closer.  Stay tuned for some posts in the future as I examine the past.

It strikes me further that there are probably a host of other such self-examinations that could benefit filmmakers as a whole.  Any suggestions?