"Theaters should NOT be used as mere marking platforms for home release."

So said National Assn. of Theater Owners prexy John Fithian in regards to Day & Date Theatrical VOD releases. "(It) devalues the content and tells the consumer that the involved movies will never be a big deal," he added. Granted Fithian is looking out for the Exhibitors, and he rarely is focused on Indie or Art film. But then again, when the trades start singing the praises of D&D VOD they are generally looking out only for top titles, and not your little heart-felt work of passion. In this Saturation Point Era when all face a super-abundance of content, how do you expect people to not develop a "want-to-see" desire for your film, but to actually prioritize it and move themselves to actually make a transaction?

I agree that you need to be available when the desire strikes. I also agree that you want to be eventually readily available everywhere. But that doesn't mean that you want to reach that goal prior to manufacturing the desire.

We are doing the exact opposite of VOD/D&D with DARK HORSE.

See it in Theaters! Support your local arthouse!! Vote With Your Dollars For The Culture You Want!!! We can build it better together!!!!

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