IndieFilmFinanceModelV2011.1 : The Ten Factors

Yesterday I went into some of the factors determining how the Model for IndieFilmFinanceV2011.1 may be set.  If you were taking notes you probably recognized that these are the factors, but I thought it was worth jotting them down for our cheat sheets:

  1. Price point / negative cost below $5M;
  2. "Estimated" Foreign Value at 80% or higher  of negative costs;
  3. Track record of collaborators in US Acquisition market to project 25% of negative costs;
  4. Utilization of Soft Money/Tax Benefits as revenue -- not enhancement;
  5. Manufacture desire: inject freshness & an ability to cut through the noise;
  6. Predetermined & Accessible Audience;
  7. Aura Of Inevitability= Polished Script+Show Reel or Look Book + _________?
  8. Urgency of the deal;
  9. Something old (proven genre)
  10. Something new (fresh scent).

What does this all add up to?  Is there a formula we can use?  I think so.  Why don't we just get to that tomorrow?