Free Money for Your Transmedia Projects!

Well... Tribeca is helping that heaven get a tad closer to your daily existence. The deadline to help shape it is coming up fast, so in case you missed it...

Tribeca has launched a new media fund and they want your input now on how to shape it, guide it, and make it work best for your needs. How sweet is that? As their site informs us:

We are really excited about this new fund at the Tribeca Film Institute. New technologies are allowing filmmakers to tell stories in new ways and to reach audiences in direct and dynamic ways. Submissions will open April 4, 2011 but before that we have decided to solicit feedback on how to shape our submission guidelines. Why?

Because we want to create an open dialog about what is possible in this new field. In this same spirit of collaboration, we will soon be launching an online resource for media producers and seasoned cross-platform practitioners to share best practices, case studies and discoveries in this field.