Useful New Discovery Tool: BlipSnips

Discovery is deeply connected to relevance.  In our time-challenged culture, getting quickly to the meat of the message is crucial for attention gathering (granted, deep context is required fo true understanding, but that's an issue for later).  You don't want to just send your friend an article, but you want to tell them why you find it interesting.  The same holds true for videos, but it has been difficult to tell them what point of the video demands their attention.  Problem solved!  BlipSnips to the rescue! TechCrunch reported late last month on the new video tagging tool BlipSnips:

BlipSnips allows users to mark “moments” within videos that mark specific events. Users can also caption these moments with comments and descriptions.

Another unique capability within BlipSnips is the ability to tag Facebook friends within a video. This differs from Facebook’s tagging features because BlipSnips allows users to tag and mark friends within in the video, so a viewer can see where a friend makes an appearance within the timeline of a video (as opposed to just a general tag). And BlipSnips iPhone app includes all of this functionality. You simply log-in to the app via your Facebook credentials and you’ll be able to post and tag videos on the go.