Goodbye & Please Join Me: I Am Migrating To A New Home

Today marks my last post here on “Truly Free Film” at Starting tomorrow you can find both my rants and ravings, and all of those of our contributors, over at IndieWire. My hope is that we can all use this opportunity to expand our community and goals in the year ahead. We can truly bring about some change if we work together to build it better.

I started this blog for many reasons, but chief among them was to work so that we don’t miss the opportunity that remains before us – the opportunity to build a sustainable future for diverse and ambitious work, free of mass market dictates and antiquated beliefs, transparent, inclusive, participatory. IndieWire’s network, syndication, and reach hopefully will bring this dream closer to reality. We need to grow community and deepen our involvement.

It is crucial for those with experience to work with those that are forging new paths, to both mentor and be mentored. My growth and knowledge over the last 18 months due to the participation of all of you who have written in and written for this blog is more than I could ever hoped for. Thank you for your generosity and commitment. It has been greatly needed in these tough economic and cultural times – you’ve kept my hope for film always growing .

The posts that we in this “TrulyFreeFilm” section will on IndieWire be titled “HopeForFilm”. A truly free film culture remains my goal though. This URL will remain intact and continue to host the other columns “TheseAreThoseThings”, “LetsMakeBetterFilms”, “Issues&Actions”, and my Kid’s Corner “BowlOfNoses”. Those feeds will continue if you subscribe..

I hope to be able to set the Feedburner Subscriptions here to the new URL so that there is no disruption. In the event I fail, I will publish the new URL for you to subscribe to. Please be patient but we should get it working soon.

For those of you who periodically received my “IndieFilmLives!” email blasts, you should now receive a weekly newsletter of my posts. I hope this is not too intrusive; I find them a useful tool to find what I missed during the week. If you don’t want it, you’ll be able unsubscribe with a simple click.

I greatly appreciate IndieWire and Snag Films offer to come to their site. Others had indicated they wanted to do likewise, but only IW & Snag took the initiative. Their growing commitment to diverse voices seems evident. The power of aggregating them all in one place and using that to facilitate great conversation is tantalizing. Our collective voice, particularly when married to ambitious film, could be a far more powerful force that I believe we even realize. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.