Animation Is Inexpensive, at least right NOW.

This won't be the only time I don't know what I am blogging about.

Still though, this looked like something some of you would want to know about.  Chip Roughton of Rough Pictures wrote in and hipped me to this deal.  For what I can tell it looks like an opportunity to get a $500 studio level animation software set up for $10.00.   My quick scan for reviews also makes it look like a good deal.  So if enough people sign up, you can get Messiah 2.o for $10.

Regardless, I found this a good idea on how to get notice and traction for something. Who doesn't like the idea of buying something for 2% of the list price? It will encourage others to spread it.

And let us know, is this good animation software? Is it good value at $10? Is it still good value at $500?