The 5 Most Important Questions For Producers

What do we need to know before we make movies?  What do we need to know to make movies well?  Are there questions that we can answer so that we have a sustainable and rewarding career?  Answers are hard to find, but so are the questions.When we identify the questions, whose responsibility is it to declare the answers?

I have a list.  I am sure it will continue to evolve.  Let's start it off with the top five, and move on to more in the days ahead.  I look forward to your contributions.

1. How do I make sure that in twenty years I will feel good about the choices I make today?

2. What are the qualities of better films?

3. How do you establish trust & confidence?

4. How do you make a project seem inevitable?

5. How do I make sure all the collaborators all want the same thing, all have the same agenda, and are trying to make the same movie?

On Feb 2nd, I promise to have another 18 questions (at least)for you, but I thought these were the most important.  I would be happy to publish the answers here.