New Blog Sections: I Need Your Help

You may have noticed on the bottom right hand corner of this HopeForFilm blog that I've started having a roll of other indie film thought bloggers -- rather an ever changing list of their most recent postings.  Hopefully you already follow all of these good minds, but regardless I think they are all raising issues about making indie films that can't be missed -- and hence their inclusion on this site.  These are smart folks sharing their knowledge and musings -- providing the crucial ingredients needed for the culture to work better.  I am sure there are others I should include too, so let me know of them if you find them first.

I have added a similar blog role on LMBF "Aid To Making Better Films" but could use some suggestions there.  I would also like to add curators to TheseAreThoseThings and welcome suggestions.  Issues&Actions has a good list "YouAreNeededToDoSomethingNow" but they all slant towards Net Neutrality and I could use recommendations for more general film issues.  I would like to do the same for TheNextGoodIdea (and have some ideas for that) and BowlOfNoses.  Your help is appreciated.

I've long dreamt of an indie film journal that wasn't about deals or celebrity, but was about process: creative, production, and presentation -- a journal that was about the Hows, and the Whys, and the How Comes?.  This is my step towards that work.  I KNOW I would read such a journal.  Would you?  Can we build it?

And while I am at it, I have another question for you.  I've noticed some blogs have a curated twitter follow list, providing a feed of select individuals.  Would you like me to include such a thing here on HopeForFilm or Truly Free Film?  Perhaps the same folks who blog articles are currently being featured?  Anyone I forgot? If so, please let me know why they should be included.

Just trying to make it all a little bit better, step by step, with your help and input.