Four Reviews of SUPER: "instant cult classic"

"if there’s any early favorite on that list of bidding-war candidates coming out of Toronto. This would probably be the one. " "Remember that movie Kick-Ass? About that kid and his cohort of ordinary folks who strive to battle crime in bad costumes and without the benefit of superpowers? Yeah, well, you probably won’t after this."Movieline

"Super is destined to become a cult classic, this film is pure movie magic, it has everything, gore, comedy, violence, hot ladies, hell of a lot of heart, story and it's got something to say." AintItCoolNews

"Chock full of insanely graphic violence, awash in thoroughly un-PC perspectives, and more than willing to keep on punching long after the audience is virtually incredulous, Super is fun and funny, dark and twisted, semi-schizophrenic and certifiably insane. What I liked most was its simple audacity. And Ellen Page." Cinematical

"Filmmaker Gunn, who previously spoofed creature features with the well-reviewed but disappointingly performing "Slither," really goes in for the satirical kill here, with a take-no-prisoners tone -- and a generous amount of exaggerated "RoboCob-style" ultra-violence -- that deserves to realize its cult calling." The Hollywood Reporter