Where's Film Biz On Kubler-Ross Scale?

Kübler-Ross' 5 stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining for time, depression, & acceptance. Where's the film biz on this list?  And where is the Indie Film Biz on the chart? It seems to me that most are still in step one: denial.  I wrote my "38 Ways The Film Business Is Failing" post from what I felt was a place of acceptance (K-R Stage 5).  We should be ready to move on now.  Each of my 38, and the 37 I posted the year earlier, are ironclad truths in my view ;-).  Seriously, though, each of the combined 75 statements are wake up calls, pleas to move on and find solutions.  Can't we just hurdle over the middle three and land on the final one?

If we accept acceptance and wake up to the world we are living in, what is our next step?