DIY Chronicles: THE WAY WE GET BY (Part 5 of 5): Going Local Pays Off

In the end, The Way We Get By by far exceeded our expectations. It was an unbelievably rewarding journey during one of the most difficult economic times in our country. We learned to never underestimate the support that can come from that small niche audience every film has. The people of Maine knew our story and wanted to help support our success. In every screening we’ve attended, there has been someone in the audience with a Maine connection there to support us. Going local paid off for us nationally—literally. Maine was a critical factor in making The Way We Get By a national success. And an amazing blessing for us as well. Leading up to our national broadcast, a group of vendors in Maine decided to throw us an amazing wedding in Maine----for free. A dream wedding we could never afford. Over 60 wedding vendors from across the state donated their services for our special day.

Leading up to the wedding, Mainers would stop us and tell us how much they enjoyed the film—how it affected them personally—and how much they looked forward to our next films too.

On October 16, we got married---a three day event on French’s Point in Stockton Maine. (LINK TO PAGE). The New York Times even covered the event.

THE WAY WE GET BY taught us personally so much about life and living it—and professionally it taught us about the importance of taking calculated business risks. But more importantly, we learned there is an audience for every film and filmmaker—you just have to find it. And for us—that loyal, dedicated audience—is in Maine.

Since THE WAY WE GET BY was released, Maine media outlets continue to share updates on the film’s success.  A few weeks ago, when we found out our film received a national Emmy nomination, the Strand Theater in Maine celebrated by honoring us on their marquee.

Now the question is---can we carry our supporters over to our next project. We hope that not only will they continue to support The Way We Get By, but hopefully help fund and support our future films.

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Gita Pullapilly and Aron Gaudet are now working on their next project—a narrative feature, “Go Baby” they plan to shoot early next year. They recently launched SUNNY SIDE UP FILMS,, which also supports the national distribution of independent films.


Tune in to see The Way We Get By for its encore presentation as part of the 2010 season on POV August 3, 2010. For more information, visit: