Your Great Movie May Never Get Seen

If you think it is as simple as make a great film and it will get seen, you are not truly recognizing the world we live in. Great films get ignored all the time. Great films don't get distributed, and when they do, often they are not distributed in a significant way. Filmmakers and their collaborators have to move beyond the dream that if you build it they will come as it allows both them, their work, and their supporters to be exploited. You are reading this presumably because you either love watching great movies or because you aspire to making great movies.  I write here because I want to do both of those things and I have the confidence that if we change our behavior, both are possible.  I write here because I want to do both of those things and I have the concern that if we don't change our behavior, we will lose the opportunity to do either for ever.

Change begins with a step, usually the easiest one for the most people to do.  What would be that change that encourages either, and ideally both, for better movies to be seen more widely, and for more of the movies to actually be better?  On all fronts, I think the answer comes down to collaboration.  If the quality of culture and the access to quality culture is of a concern to you, you have to enter the equation.

Speak up and join in.  Curate.  Filter.  Focus.