A Nice Example of Well Planned KickStarter "Rewards"

Check out Amos "the avatar of no-wave cinema" Poe's KickStarter page's pledge incentives for his new translation of Dante's "La Commedia" for an example of well thought out rewards.  There are low ones that most will skip over so that they don't think themselves cheap.  There are high ones that feel out of reach but encourage you to also reach higher.  They give a DVD (which frankly could have been a digital download) at the the second lowest level.  Even if I didn't know, like, and respect Amos and his work, I might be inspired to give (I did). Update 6/9: It has been pointed out that offering profits via KickStarter may not be legal, so get your lawyer to weigh in on that before trying it at home. When Amos & Co. they took the share of profits off the "offering" (ain't it great how easy it is to change things in this digital age?).

And check back here tomorrow for some thoughts from Amos on the current creative environment.