Simple Thoughts On A Big Subject

I am dismayed by those that don't recognize how irresponsible it is to just promote or adopt a "build it and they will come"  philosophy.  We may have had such a luxury once, but it is not the world we live in today.  When Cassavetes was making films he also was one of the few, now there are over 7000 people competing with you & your feature. This art form is not cheap and we live in a world that has many more problems far greater than how we make and show our art. Systems that aren't driven by profit are often far more oppressive power bases that reward those that echo their limited beliefs and positions. We are all connected in this world. Our actions influence others actions. If we want a diverse and vital cinema, ultimately we can not be selfish in our thinking. We can be very passionate and dedicated, but our financiers are stakeholders, just like our audiences.  We all benefit by those that endeavor to make sure the investors return for a second time.  Business gives birth to film art in this country in equal partnership with those that dream up and execute it.