Own Your Privacy (Again)

It's a good week when people solve problems. I certainly know it is a lot easier to point problems out rather than solve them; it's also pretty darn easy to just pledge some money to helping others solve some problems. And that's why I am feeling good that four specific NYU students exist. You probably heard of Diaspora on the web this week (but if you haven't, now's the time to catch up). Diaspora will be a decentralized social network hub that you the user controls.

the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network

You own the data; you choose who gets it. Remember back when so many people did not understand that they were not even on the web when they went onto AOL. Why have we been satisfied with going to a centralized social network hub just like we were back in the day with being on AOL's portal? Particularly when the stakes on so much higher; we've been being SPIED ON for far too long.

We believe that privacy and connectedness do not have to be mutually exclusive. With Diaspora, we are reclaiming our data, securing our social connections, and making it easy to share on your own terms. We think we can replace today’s centralized social web with a more secure and convenient decentralized network. Diaspora will be easy to use, and it will be centered on you instead of a faceless hub.

They have had an amazingly successful Kickstarter raise.  That alone is truly inspiring.