Wanted: A Lifetime Subscription To Michel Gondry's Work

If we could, we would subscribe. Michel's work is so consistent, so mind-blowing. So joyful. So inventive. If we could bestow a "World Treasure" certification we would. He and his work would certainly have their own wing in The Ted Museum. I can honestly say I have never learned how to see the world differently as well as I did the time I got to spend by Michel's side as he directed "Human Nature". He sees the world -- and how to rearrange it -- like no other.

Even a young mind absorbs this is something else afoot, with Michel's brain. My son watched his work at a very young age, and holds him, like Charles Chaplin, as someone who does it all quite brilliantly -- and makes the world a better place to live as a result.

This is his latest video: