The Digital Cinema Revolution (and Che)

Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution from high rez on Vimeo.

Scott Kirsner tipped me to this video (from the Criterion Collection) about the first film shot on The Red -- that little thing called CHE. I just shot with The Red on SUPER and had a great experience. Among the joys were incredibly quick dailies (truly living up to their name) while on location.  It definitely played a big hand in how fast we moved on that show (38 set ups/day!) as we never had to reload.  The technology has progressed rapidly since Che  Hearing though of it's development, and what Soderbergh and team went through using it on CHE, I am so thrilled that others got to work out the kinks first!  Thank you.

I like how Soderbergh speaks about how digital gives you time to get to a "point of reflection" quicker so that you can sit back and consider your work on a macro level much sooner. I find that most innovations in our field that I have gotten to experience first-hand ultimately matter most as creative tools and not economic solutions.