Solutions: New Breed's Pt. 3 (and Pt. 2)

Part Two left with my cliffhanger.  Zak & Kevin have come up with several answers to the questions (along with raising the bar for whatever you'd call the quick release group discussion centered around a common event).  Watching this I was very won over by Sultan Sharrief 's efforts.  I sit with so many filmmakers who remain willing to put their trust in the old way of getting stars and expecting them to bring out the fans, finance, and distrib's appetite.  It is very refreshing and inspiring to see folk like Sultan Sharrief accept the world as it really is and not let it stand in the way of their creative efforts.  And thanks to Sabi Pictures for helping to spread that energy and reality.  Check out their whole series if you haven't.  You will be glad you did.

NEW BREED PARK CITY - Exploring The Solutions, Part 3 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

When you think of it, why has it taken twenty years for the filmmaking community to take advantage of a location specific event like Sundance, and gather together people to discuss what it going on in our community at this time?  Zak and Kevin at Sabi do it so well, here's hoping that other festivals recognize how this type of film can launch their festivals to the next level and should employ these guys to make these films regularly!.

Oh, and since I forgot to post Part Two, here it is:

NEW BREED PARK CITY – Exploring the Solutions, Part 2 from Sabi Pictures on Vimeo.

You can also see Part One here, or check out all of Sabi Pictures posts on Vimeo.