Remember To Never Forget: Communication For Producers

I have a lecture coming up on Communication For Producers. Seems to me before one can communicate they need to know what needs to be expressed. This is that list.

Why do you love this movie?

You are making the director’s movie. (which isn’t the same as doing everything the director wants).

You are trying to make the best movie possible.

You will make the movie profitable.

You will get the movie seen. You will find the film's audiences.

The producer works to create the right environment for all.

You appreciate people’s good work & hard work.

You have chosen to be here and know others have chosen that too.

People like to be led. You are here to provide leadership.

People like to participate. Provide opportunities.

Anyone can follow a plan. What can you do to provide inspiration?

Calm = clarity What do you need to do to reduce stress so all see clearly?

Why will they believe you? How will they follow you?