Marching Orders For The New Year

For those of us that love diverse and ambitious work and/or desire a truly free film culture, this is what we need to do most now (IMHO):

1.     Recognize the time we are living in;

2.     Reposition our mindset;

3.     Redefine our content;

4.     Reorder our priorities;

5.     Rebalance our emphasis;

6.     Restructure Our Primary Business & Creative Relationships;

7.     Create New Methods & Processes;

8.     Create New Tools;

9.     Work to make it better, together.

SIMPLE, right? !!  I am sure you have some ideas on what we need to do on each of these 9 items.  I know I do.  I look forward to discussing them further with you in the new year.  Thanks for all the help this past year in trying to figure it out.

And for those that didn't help, I hope you do this year, or stop taking advantage of those that truly want a diverse and ambitious culture -- just leave the field altogether.  Time is short and there is a lot to do.  No one can afford to be patient or silent any longer.  Creativity can not be limited to the work itself; we need to create the world that will allow it to flourish for all.