If Movies Were Music

  1. If I produced movies that sounded like albums I would want them to sound like "London Calling" & "Exile On Main Street".
    If I produced movies that were performed like nusic they would all star Nick Cave, Fugazi, Early Black Flag, BeastieBoys Minutemen, Cramps and definitely, oh so definitely, Tom Waits.

    If I produced movies that were written like albums, the lyrics would resonate like Blood On The Tracks, Desire, Imperial Bedroom, and Songs Of Leonard Cohen over and over and over again.

    If movies could grab me like albums have they would be Ziggy Stardust, Axis Bold As Love, Slanted Enchanted, and Mr. Hazelwood & Ms. Sinatra.

    If I could get lost in movies the way I have albums you would find me in the dark Loaded, Remain In Light, and dreaming Time The Revelator.

    If a movie could rattle my system like live music does, I would produce films that felt like The Replacements, The Pixies, & X.
    I am glad the music changes every time I play at but I still run through my life of every time I heard it. It's both immediate and forever, static and constantly changing.