Hey Sundance Filmmakers! Whachagonnado with your film?

A little more than a year ago, I started this blog partially because I couldn't bare the thought that another group of filmmakers were headed to Park City with false dreams of gold, mistaking the festival for a market, and thus missing out on an important media launch. I am not sure if any filmmaker truly headed into 2009 Sundance though with their "A Plan" to launch out of the fest i some sort of way. Some did adopt DIY or hybrid distribution afterwards, but this year shows a much different picture, with already at least four films declaring the festival as their launch.

With their being very little of an acquisition market in The States these days for specialized film, what are the other filmmakers doing? How can they fully consider their options? Hope has risen. There is an answer.
Filmmaker, TFF blogger, author, and distribution consultant Jon Reiss is very generously offering up ten FREE consultations to filmmakers with films in the Sundance selection. This is a fantastic opportunity to figure out what is best for your film. Maybe you already know, but even then how great is it that you get someone to bounce your ideas off of.
Details will follow tomorrow, but let me see it would be very wise for you to give some thought NOW as to why you need to speak to Jon and how your film could benefit.