What Does It Mean To Lead Well?

We start shooting tomorrow.

I have some plans. Like all the good stuff, they are pretty hard to execute well. Why? Well....
To lead while producing means:
You motivate. You inspire. You admire. You keep reaching higher.
You will innovate and always take some risks.
You are prepared, and anticipating what will and may never.
You follow through, step forward, reach across.
You recognize you are just like everyone else, exercising your labor for what you believe in, and the hope of some security down the road.
You are concerned for everyone's health, safety, and welfare, their understanding and education.
You demystify, make things more transparent.
You delegate, and fill in the cracks.
You cast your crew with as much consideration as you have for your cast.
You never make anyone pick up after you.
You are accessible, open, and humble.
Your enthusiasm for the project is contagious.
You never forget the human factor. This isn't war; making movies is a creative act.
You treat all people with respect, and will allow others to lead you too.
You limit and reduce waste, making the most of everything you have.
You take responsibility for everyone,their situations, but allow their aspirations to be their own.
You remain focused on the work at hand-- which both here, and past, and far ahead.
You show that you know you are entering others' homes and 'hoods, that they welcomed you here, and you wouldn't be here without them.
You produce for before, behind, and all around the camera.
You are always learning and helping others to learn too.
You are strict and stern, flexible and relaxed.
You remain mindful of the big things in life, not just on the movie.
You earn your break, work for your supper, invest in others.