In A World Of My Own Design, Buskers Would Be Superstars

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of this video from a friend's Facebook posting. I wrote about this video awhile back; the video successfully went viral (14.5M views!) and I love how social media keeps the good things coming back.

In a world of my own design Buskers would be Superstars. Along with: Pranksters, Benevolent Conspirators, Babysitters, Curators, Public Artists, Teachers, Puppeteers, Community Organizers, and Stop Motion Animators. One day, one day....

I really appreciate how that friend's FB posting lead me on a tour through several covers of "Stand By Me". I didn't discover this song via Ben E. King, which will always be my definitive version. But it was John Lennon -- who still has taught me more through his music than any other pop star. And will always rank as one of the great rock vocalists in my book. But I am sucker for this tune when anyone sings it. I have posted it other incarnations, and suspect I will well into the future.