Wanted: A Home For A Truly Free Film Celebration

Taking a page from Roger Ebert, it would be wonderful to find an academic institution who would like to sponsor a one week (five days? a long weekend?) celebration of Truly Free Film (not the blog but the culture that is).

Imagine five or maybe ten filmmakers coming to your campus discussing what they did right and what they did wrong. Imagine a couple of seasoned pros joining them and speaking of how they have survived and prospered, what they do to transform their good work into the great. Imagine a handful of tech experts singing the song of innovation, helping us all to recognize the new model. There would be practical workshops, brainstorming sessions, fascinating discussions and of course, the movies, the movies would screen for your quality-starved eyes.
Picture this group of independent thinkers, all joining together in their search for answers and solutions.
Consider the energy that would come from those actively engaged in the creation of ambitious film and the efforts to reboot an apparatus that could support such work. Relish the satisfaction that one would bask in knowing that your community would have a truer firmer handle on the difficulties and the pleasures one encounters in the commitment to creating and delivering film art to audiences.
Now I don't have it planned, or any speakers booked, but we need a wine bottle if we are going to stomp on some grapes (well, okay, not the best metaphor). There are going to be great films going to the festivals this year, with no place to go afterwards. There are great films already made, looking to screen further. The new model is being unearthed but folks need to talk further. We'll need some help pulling it together for sure, but first we need a home with some money to spend.
I just thought it would make some sense to put it out there. Maybe you had some ideas or suggestions.