Invest In The Yes Men (To Save Indie Film & Trash Global Capitalism)!

I got an email from those merry pranksters. I was inspired by the cut of their jib and sent them some money.

They have asked for everyone's help in order to get their relevant lunacy to seen:

A labor of love to produce, and distributed in a unique partnership with Shadow Distribution (The Lost Boys of Sudan, The Weather Underground), The Yes Men Fix the World hits corporate America where it hurts, and has huge potential as a public education piece and a powerful rallying cry for progressive activists and organizers. Unfortunately after a hugely successful opening weekend in New York, and inquiries from new theaters across the country, the film's marketing and outreach budget (never much to begin with) is almost completely tapped out! There is no budget for the 10-15 new film prints ($1200 each) that theaters want, nor for the basic advertising (another $15,000 at least) to make the film work in each major market, and in smaller cities too.

The Yes Men need your help to get the film out to cities and towns large and small across the land, where the hope is to reproduce the kind of raucous, people-powered reactions that have been typical of screenings in New York. Here's how you can do that:

One: You can loan money to their distribution and audience engagement effort, to be paid back when proceeds from the retail DVD start rolling in next year. To take this route, please email

Two: They're putting Survivaballs up for adoption. For just $1,000, you will become the proud parent of the world's stupidest costume. The Survivaball you own will be deployed in direct-action protest all across America, and then in December will go to Copenhagen to push world leaders to do something smart about climate change. To adopt your own active ball, please email

Three: You can buy a film print ($1200) and loan it until the theatrical run is finished. To help out this way, please write

AND you can also just donate money, or buy posters, t-shirts, Reggie candles, etc. here.

The DailyKos had a good post on them here.