Twitter Posts: A week gone by

Are any of you not on Twitter? It's been suggested that I post my Tweets. It feels a bit redundant since they automatically feed to the blog too, but I am going to give it a shot. Let me know if this is at all useful.

Our dreams are born out of our pasts, curiously making fantasy rarely relevant to the world we are actually living in.
  1. _Lst wk I was told "Hollywd will only considr pre-banded content. They'd prefer TheDixieCupMovie to an orignl idea. No nonbranded pitches."
  2. _Why do today's creators draw a line between what is termed marketing and the art of the narrative? Isn't "marketing" actually "discovery"?3:11 PM Aug 15th from web __ _ __
  3. _IndepFilm has matured &so has IFP's Independent Film Wk. Don't b left behind. Check out new blog: http://independentfilmweek....12:34 PM Aug 15th from web __ _ __
  4. _Indie Film's Revltn w/in the Revltn is still needed. CMcCarthy continues why help & support is required: http://trulyfreefilm.blogsp...11:19 AM Aug 15th from web __ _ __
  5. _RT @EitherOrFilms Homestar Runner explns indie vs independent. Funny --& gee, I wonder what films they r goofing on... PM Aug 14th from web __ _ __
  6. _Totally glad the Andrea Arnold's FISH TANK got picked for US distribution. It's such a strong work. Don't miss it. Great cinema.12:20 PM Aug 14th from web __ _ __
  7. _Win a membership to MOMA: AM Aug 14th from web __
  8. _@tonyfaulkner Yeah it's true, Jeff has helped quite a lot of people out there -- including my wife! He gave her her 1st gig in the biz.11:09 AM Aug 14th from web in reply to tonyfaulkner__ _ __
  9. _What kind of set do actors REALLY want? Paul & Sam tell us: http://trulyfreefilm.blogsp...11:07 AM Aug 14th from web __ _ __
  10. _Manohla re: PONYO: when t ocean rises in this wondrfl movie, each leapg wave stares out @ us w a balefl eye as if in watchfl &worried wait.11:04 AM Aug 14th
  11. Friend&fellow Prod JLHinte:"There is a special place in Hell for those who aid & abet the young & talented getting into the film business! "12:24 PM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  12. _FROWNLAND plays at MOMA in NYC this Thurs & Fri. It is one of the best indies of recent times. PM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  13. _Films, & film experience, can begin long before the lights go down & the projection starts, or the screen turns on, or the phone is charged.7:13 AM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  14. _I wish we had "Lives of Artists" shows like this: & less on the rich or 8 kid families or pregnant youth or you know...6:57 AM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  15. RT @im2b what we've been doing is saying there are several different starting points (a wall[s] or plain[s]of starting points) on story now.6:48 AM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  16. _NYTimes on DIY Distribution -- although I fail to understand what cool hotels have to do with it all: AM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  17. _Feature Films - instead of being the end all - is the launch pad from which we all leap up & off of -- a starting point, or rather one of.6:19 AM Aug 13th from web __ _ __
  18. _Ruskoff: we have been fed 3-part story structure for 2 millennia & it’s enough. We need new ways of telling a story: PM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  19. _Audiences like both to b directed & to participate; both t truly active and t somewhat passive r pleasurable exprncs & not mutually exclsv.11:00 PM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  20. _ADVENTURELAND DVD is out in USA on August 25th. Not too late to advance order a dozen or more! Thanks!10:42 PM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  21. _Yesterdy George Soros annced $35m Back to School NY to support low-income NY families buy supplies for coming school yr. $200/child3:54 PM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  22. _@marstall Yeah but meanwhile the educate DONT procreate & the uneducated do rapidly & resources remain slim. In the end: idiocracy reigns.3:28 PM Aug 12th from web in reply to marstall
  23. _The state should be helping those who decide not to have children: less unemployment, less congestion, fewer wars8:45 AM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  24. _How To Save Indie Film? Seek out working class youth. Caitlin McCarthy guest post on http://trulyfreefilm.blogsp...8:28 AM Aug 12th from web __ _ __
  25. _I like this idea on how to do more w/ DVDs: Why haven't filmmkrs utilized all the possiblities of DVD?9:00 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  26. _Jem Cohen is one of NYC's greats. Tonight at the IFC center live with Mr Jarmusch: AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  27. _RT @TeriTynes One gathering for unusual films is Orphan Film Symposium. Looks great but gotta wait. AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  28. _Buses take an average of 60 cars off the road, & buses are also over 170 times safer than cars (National Safety Council).7:50 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  29. _Commuting by train instead of by car cuts CO2 emissions per passenger by about 75%.7:36 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  30. _ State of journalism is not just an economic issue, it’s also a politicl issue. Media consolidatn is leaving fewer independent voices on air.7:31 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  31. _Stop living in the old world & fantasizing of easy glory. Throw out yesterday's papers & rewire yr brain: IndieFilm v3.0 is now blossoming.7:23 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  32. _Wondering why no org or event has become TheGoToPlace for "unusual" cinema? Don't all film fans love the weird & wonderful? Hmmmm....7:16 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  33. _Hey State Film Commissions! Wanna bring more film prod to your state? Make sure there are some direct flights (thanks Anne Carey for rec.)7:07 AM Aug 11th from web __ _ __
  34. _The List of Blogs That Will Cover Unreleased Films just got a whole lot longer: http://trulyfreefilm.blogsp...6:35 AM Aug 11th from web