Most Useful Websites For Filmmakers?

Like most folks out there, I get excited with every new list.  MovieMaker has put together their 50 Best Websites For MovieMakers.  It's a good list and will provide something fresh for virtually everyone out there.

But alas....  I was surprised not to see FilmmakerMagazineBlog on it which I read religiously -- oh wait, they are their competitor.  Now I get it.

And let me admit it, I was truly bummed not to see Truly Free Film there.  Or HammerToNail.  I guess I just have to try harder.  Or you could do me a favor (give me the strength to go on...) and stage a write in campaign to their blog and encourage them to add TFF & HTN to the list!  Thanks!
And if you ever have a thought about what will make this blog more useful, or even what you would like some discussion on, don't hesitate to write in and let me know.
Update 2010: Moviemaker made a new list, and sure enough Truly Free Film and Hammer To Nail made it.  Whew!  Thanks for the support.