Cheat Sheet #1: TFF Festival Goals

Jon Dieringer, my former assistant on ADVENTURELAND -- and who was a lot of fun, did good work and you should hire --, recently did a "cheat sheet" distilling a lot of the information from this blog.   I think he did a very nice job and I will be funneling his work to you over the next few days.  Feel free to provide any suggestions on how to enhance it further.

I am starting if off with what started off the blog: Film Festival Strategy
Festival Goals
  1. Plan A has got to be that you will need to be the leading force in the distribution of your film. This is the DIY model.
  2. Plan B is that various experts will all want to work with you on Co-Distributing your film, albeit for a fee.
  3. Plan C is that buyers for different media will want your film and you need to be able to evaluate how to mix and match these offers -- or even accept those offers at all.
  4. Plan D is that someone will make an offer of such an amount that it is worth considering giving up all your rights to your film for the next twenty years.