Cheat Sheet #6: The New DVD Thoughts

Today's post is again brought to you courtesy of Jon Dieringer, and is part of continuing series of cheat sheets from prior TFF posts.


 There is a great deal more that we can do with the technology.
A few thoughts on what should be included and done differently:
-A Different Cut: usually this is the "Director's Cut" but in TFF this would always be the same version. Sometimes this is an "Unrated" cut when changes are made for ratings purposes. Can more be done with though.
-Commentary: This is often just the director and other crew collaborators. There has been an increased openness to having other directors make commentary too. Sometimes they have been using opposing critics which can get kind of fun.
-Additional Scenes: This is usually limited to scenes that were shot to include in the movie and later removed in the edit process.
-"Added Value" Content: Generally this is elements used in the filmmaking process: script, storyboards, preliminary visual effect mock-ups.
-Publicity & Marketing Elements: Trailers, Posters, Stills, Electronic Press Kits (interviews).
-Behind The Scenes/Making Of Documentary: so-called B-roll of filmmaking process.
-Hyper-chaptering (allowing for tagging and greater commentary).