Cheat Sheet #2: TFF Film Festival Preparation

Today's post is again brought to you courtesy of Jon Dieringer, and is part of continuing series of cheat sheets from prior TFF posts.

Preparing for a Film Festival
  1. make trailer and post on web
  2. post clips on the web;
  3. have ongoing blog… start during pre-production?
  4. maintain blog through and after festival play
  5. have website
  6. form simple way to collect email addresses for fans
  7. set up a way for fans to subscribe to updates about the film
  8. join multiple social networks, both as an individual and as the film
  9. create a press kit with press notes for the film;
  10. identify the blogs and critics you think will help promote your film
  11. build a study guide for the film for film clubs
  12. map out a festival strategy that builds to local releases
  13. make several versions of a poster, and have enough to sell & give away
  14. make additional promotional items for your film;
  15. manufacture the dvd, and make great packaging for it