Jam With An Awesome Band!

Iron Fred G-nose knows of The H2Y's love of Daft Punk, the Bowl's greatest techno band.  He served up the tools and Mr. M-nose took it higher.  

Want to play alongside the robot guys' who get the whole world moving?  Here's what you gotta do:
Step 1: Boot up the kickin' keyboard synthesizer where you too can play the robot voices with a flick of a finger: http://www.najle.com/idaft/
Step 2: Open a new tab in that window on your browser.
Step 3: Open YouTube and find Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger".  Load it.  Play.
Step 4: Shuttle back to the iDaft keyboard and play along.  You are now jamming!
We suggest to do it all standing up so you can dance along as you play, just like if you were wearing your robot suit too.