38 Problems Discussion Continues

If you haven't checked out the comments to last week's post, scroll down now and do so.  It's a lively discussion with lots of interesting points raised.

The discussion has also migrated to some other blogs too. Scott Macauley over at the Filmmaker Mag Blog gave the list a gander and had some futurecasting thoughts as a result:

In the "up" years of the indie film economy, enough people were getting a little bit of action, and the difficult questions of which models to endorse going forward and which to let die did not have to be made. Now due to collapsing revenue and business models, they do. Independent film is, after all, content, and while having specific challenges of its own it also shares many of the troubles that all content, from scripted one-hour dramas to daily newspapers, is currently facing. So, one question I had after reading Ted's list is whether the loosely defined, loosely configured movement known as indie film will organize itself around the answers to these problems, or whether makers will decouple from the definitional tent of independent film and address them using entirely different paradigms.